i heart webseries: my mad fat diary

dang! it’s been a while since i updated my “i heart web series” category, which does already contain two very promising entries :D i have less than zero knowledge about pop culture and i can’t focus on anything longer than 45 minutes (i have no concentra… oh a squirrel!!!) but i still think i have great taste so i won’t shut up and delight you with my award-worthy analyses.

today, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you “my mad fat diary”, a British television series (i know it’s not exactly a web series but i watched it on youtube, so for me that counts) that debuted in january 2013. the main character is a teenager – rae – who has just been released from a psychiatric hospital but never told her friends where she had spent her last four months.

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i heart web series: “LezBeProud”

OMG. this show is so bad… i couldn’t stop watching (t’was kinda like a car wreck, i couldn’t look away). however, i’m secretly obsessed with this conservative-richy-rich-country-music-mid-western-the-white-‘average’-churchy-american type of shows (don’t ask… i have strange fascinations). i not-very-proudly but nonetheless present to you:


short summary: four rich, shiny, conventionally beautiful women with perfect hair are “out & proud” and try to convince the “straight community” that they are “normal” monogamous couples. oh no wait! their mission stops right in front of the church doors because they don’t want to wipe their lesbianism into the pastor’s face!!1! let me pause for a second – and puke.

is there any more to it? yes, unfortunately. one of the couples wants to get married, which is not allowed in texas (holy cow, they still kill people in the industrial prison complex and call it “justice”, so no surprise). anyways, they become busy planning a wedding (and have a leopard print high heel on their wedding cake, which is probably the best thing about this show). in the meantime, they play volleyball on the beach, drive with insanely expansive jeeps and discuss “homosexuality” with disgusting straight dudes that are “fine with homosexuality as long as these gays don’t want us honorable straight dudes to adopt a ‘homosexual lifestyle'”.

so yeah, i stopped watching after three or four episodes. i don’t really recommend unless you have a strong stomach.

last time i watched “anyone but me“, which was way better!

activism and music go hand in hand

“for me activism and music go hand in hand (…) without activism i wouldn’t have been empowered to believe in myself enough to be a musician” – beth ditto (gossip)

(though, i’m not really stoked about her karl lagerfeld response at the end. oh well.)

i heart web series: “anyone but me”

i love watching web series. they are short, DIY, low budget, charming and i have the impression that they don’t give a shit about having a cast of characters that can compete with ridiculously unattainable beauty standards. plus, there are plenty of web series out there in the thing that’s called the internet – for free!

beginning with this post, i’m going to introduce to you web series that i came across in my exteeeensive research. i’m not a real film critic (not even a real fake film critic), so my posts will appear a bit random and most of them will definitely not contain the what-you-need-to-cover-when-you-write-about-pop-cultural-products-facts. sometimes, i’ll probably just throw around catchwords or things like “i like” or “not cool” because i’m way to lazy to provide a thorough analysis. well, bla bla, let’s start with the first one!

anyone but me

vivian, a NYC girl, moves to a small town with her dad and starts living with her aunt. she has to leave her girlfriend behind in NYC, which is only 30 minutes away. however, both still manage to make a big fuss about living faaaar away from each other. as you can see, the story is a bit ‘lala’.

nevertheless, i like how vivian’s and aster’s relationship is no big deal to vivian’s dad. being gay isn’t constructed as a problem, which is noteworthy given the millions of shows that introduce gay characters just to inform the audience that these gay characters *definitely* have an identity crisis.

as the main character, i find vivian a bit boring. her girlfriend is cute and adventurous but the story isn’t very exciting. it’s a nice little amusement and i did watch all three seasons (mainly because the episodes are very short). also important: i like the diverse cast. so i guess: i recommend.