i heart web series: “LezBeProud”

OMG. this show is so bad… i couldn’t stop watching (t’was kinda like a car wreck, i couldn’t look away). however, i’m secretly obsessed with this conservative-richy-rich-country-music-mid-western-the-white-‘average’-churchy-american type of shows (don’t ask… i have strange fascinations). i not-very-proudly but nonetheless present to you:


short summary: four rich, shiny, conventionally beautiful women with perfect hair are “out & proud” and try to convince the “straight community” that they are “normal” monogamous couples. oh no wait! their mission stops right in front of the church doors because they don’t want to wipe their lesbianism into the pastor’s face!!1! let me pause for a second – and puke.

is there any more to it? yes, unfortunately. one of the couples wants to get married, which is not allowed in texas (holy cow, they still kill people in the industrial prison complex and call it “justice”, so no surprise). anyways, they become busy planning a wedding (and have a leopard print high heel on their wedding cake, which is probably the best thing about this show). in the meantime, they play volleyball on the beach, drive with insanely expansive jeeps and discuss “homosexuality” with disgusting straight dudes that are “fine with homosexuality as long as these gays don’t want us honorable straight dudes to adopt a ‘homosexual lifestyle'”.

so yeah, i stopped watching after three or four episodes. i don’t really recommend unless you have a strong stomach.

last time i watched “anyone but me“, which was way better!

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