i heart webseries: my mad fat diary

dang! it’s been a while since i updated my “i heart web series” category, which does already contain two very promising entries :D i have less than zero knowledge about pop culture and i can’t focus on anything longer than 45 minutes (i have no concentra… oh a squirrel!!!) but i still think i have great taste so i won’t shut up and delight you with my award-worthy analyses.

today, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you “my mad fat diary”, a British television series (i know it’s not exactly a web series but i watched it on youtube, so for me that counts) that debuted in january 2013. the main character is a teenager – rae – who has just been released from a psychiatric hospital but never told her friends where she had spent her last four months.

this awesome music-loving teenager happens to be perceived as fat and mentally unstable, which (as you might guess) comes with a lot of bullshit experience due to this fat shaming and ableist world. nevertheless, she becomes pretty popular even though her skinny allegedly “best” friend chloe really gets on everyone’s fucking nerves (ok: mine) with her schemingly conceited attitude that is responsible for some of the crises that rae has to go through (gladly her therapist is a pretty cool dude that gives rae a solid piece of his mind every once in a while.)

this show is a lot about body image problems, boys, food, friendship, self-hate, boys and (did i mention?) boys but i still enjoyed watching it because it’s very comforting to see a snappy fat person playing a leading role. however, i feel there is a lot of pathologization going on regarding rae’s mental and physical situation and the fact that this is once again a show full of white people where the only person of color – the soon-to-be husband of rae’s mom – is an undocumented non-english speaking man that has to hide in the house, is unsurprisingly problematic. if you still want to watch it, click your way through youtube. the first season contains six episodes and there will be a second season.

i already watched “anyone but me“ and lezbeproud.

One thought on “i heart webseries: my mad fat diary

  1. hab mir heute alle folgen angesehen. fand ich überwiegend gut. danke für den hinweis!

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