a lovely fanzine about queer and trans* fat activism

a few days ago i went to a beautiful fat positive queer performance art and activism show organized by the Rebel Bellies (a berlin based fat activism group – they’re also on facebook). i was happy to grab one of the lovely fanzines made and brought along by queer fat activist charlotte cooper (who btw performed a really cool song with a fellow activist friend). this zine is a product of a collaborative project by many fat activists who produced a timeline with queer & trans* fat activist events and cornerstones. it’s not meant to be an exhaustive herstory but a wonderful attempt to archive fat activism and memory. i definitely encourage you to download the digital version of the fanzine or look out for the paper version at cool fat positive events.

a queer and trans fat activist fanzine (pic via obesitytimebomb.blogspot.de)

ps: today is international no diet day! everyday is no diet day! join fat grrrl activism on facebook!